Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur
Election Procedures and Standards
1. To Enter the Election: Candidates may be nominated by any person,but they must be recommended by at least two members of the China-US Business Summit. Only then will the entrepreneur receive a formal nomination and vote from the committee. 2. Election Requirements: a. Entrepreneurs must have an innovative mind. b. Entrepreneurs must have contributed to the development of their field. 3. Voting Format: After being nominated, each committee member votes for a selected candidate. The candidate that has the largest number of votes from the committee is officially selected. This must be more than two-thirds of the total number of the committee population. 4. Winners: a. Finalists cannot be more than ten people annually. If the number is less than ten, the number remains as is. b. Finalists from China and the US are notlimited to a specific number on each side. 5. Awards Ceremony: The annual awards are given at the Opening Ceremony of the China-US Business Summit in downtown Los Angeles. On other occasions, if more than two-thirds of the committee has agreed, then the awards ceremony can be moved to another time and location.

Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur List