Membership Regulations
The mission of the CUBS Entrepreneur Club is to establish a new China-US cooperation platform,
which will promote, collaborate with, and help our members in building international relationships and expanding global reach. The CUBS Entrepreneur Club strives to create a supportive community for China-US enterprise leaders and become one of the most influential non-profit organizations.

With the continuous development of the China-US Business Summit, an increasing number of entrepreneurs, scholars, and political and business elites have urged the Summit Committee to establish a non-profit group under the administration of the Committee which aims to provide services for Chinese and US enterprises, as well as integrate and promote resource assistance.Thus, the CUBS VIP Club was established in response to these quests.
Today, the CUBS Entrepreneur Club emphasizes services in the form of information, consulting, project follow-up, and communication among political and business circles. The Club continuously introduces Chinese and American projects to new resources in new areas. It has established a key platform for China and the US to share resources and information.

Organization Settings and Functions
The Club has established a Standing Council and Secretariat. The Standing
Council is responsible for the Club's major decisions, development strategies and Secretariat management; the Secretariat is responsible for daily operations and service work. 
The Standing Council Principal: Chairman, Vice Chairman
The Secretariat Principal: Secretary General
Departments under the Secretariat: Member Services Department, Event
Planning Department,Official Journal Editorial Department, Networking
Services Department,Consulting Services Department

The composition and terms of the Standing Council
The Chairman of the Standing Council is also the Chairman of the China-US Business Summit. The Chairman nominates the Vice Chairman and the council members. The Chairman nominates the Secretary General.

Composition of the Council
Those who are referred by the Chairman, Co-Chairman, or at least 2 senior Council directors, and meet the following conditions, shall be admitted as Council directors:
Elite entrepreneurs,business or political leaders, leaders or outstanding representatives of all industrial and academic fields in China and the US. For example: individuals who make industrial rules, lead relevant events, demonstrate authoritative opinions, and etc. Individuals who have outstanding or distinguished industrial contributions. For example: Those who has won authoritative industrial awards at least 2 times; those who have relevant patents, intellectual property registration, and etc. Those who have demonstrated reviews, critics, and other authoritative opinions in the industry. No negative news and judicial disputes.

Main responsibilities of the Secretariat
Admitting members to the Club.
Organizing, planning, and implementation of various member services. Collecting information on demand and cooperation requests; releasing information to members regularly.

The Standing Council is composed of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary General.
Annual work plan and important decisions about the CUBS VIP Club are
made at council meetings. The Chairman and Vice Chairman are responsible for formulating the development direction and policies of the Club. The Secretary General is responsible for daily operations of the Club.

Providing long-term,high-quality services
Providing high-quality international consulting services between China and the US. Providing project cooperation and follow-up services between China and the US. Providing various types of information, including project release and business opportunity feedback, according to the members’ needs.

Holding meetings and activities regularly
Holding meetings and activities regularly or irregularly based on member proposals. Holding comprehensive,specific and investigative association meetings, as well as promotion conferences, seminars and tourism studies based on member requirements.



Membership Grading:Standard Member Diamond Member

Membership Qualifications • Business leaders,executives, scholars or professionals who have established new business models, development models or theories in a certain business or industry. • Associated with a company that possesses a strong sense of responsibility, has made outstanding contributions to public welfare or environmental protection and has good public image. • No record of delinquent public behavior that might damage the Summit’s reputation. • Business leader or executive who possesses outstanding accomplishments in a certain field. • The club allows only individual members and offers no group memberships.

Membership Admissions And Withdrawal

Admissions Procedures

Acknowledging and abiding by the CUBS Club Constitution; submitting an application to the Secretariat; undergoing evaluation and approval by the Standing Council; invitation to become a member.Honorary members are nominated and employed by the Standing Council.

Withdrawal Procedures

Submitting a withdrawal application to the Secretariat; undergoing evaluation and approval by the Standing Council to withdraw the membership; carrying out withdrawal procedures; notifying other members.

Membership Cancellation

Membership will be cancelled at the discretion of the Standing Council, which would notify other members through proper channels if the member has engaged in the following behavior:

• Engaging in negative commercial and social conduct which negatively impacts the reputation of the Club.

• Engaging in any behavior which can negatively influence club

• Not paying membership fees.

• Consistently poor attendance at club activities.

Membership Registration

Every member is allowed to register only one company (owned or in-service). The

member and designated company will enjoy Club services; any other undesignated

company will not qualify for Club services.

Should another company owned by a Club member also require services, it must

apply separately, but can still be represented by the same member.

The member should complete the Registration Form and present a copy of its

business license for the Club records.

The member shall present both Chinese and English materials for evaluation, which

will be kept on record.



Members have the following rights:

The right to vote and the right to be elected.

Priority in attending various activities held by "CUBS Club."

Priority in enjoying the specific services provided by "CUBS Club."

The right to make criticisms, suggestions, and supervisions.

Freedom with respect to membership admission and withdrawal.

Members have the following obligations:

Abide by the CUBS Club Constitution.

Execute the resolutions of the CUBS Club.

Support or attend CUBS Club activities; 

protect the image and interests of the CUBS VIP Club.

Pay membership fees at specified times.


The CUBS is your introduction to local, state and foreign enterprises. Our advocacy program provides opportunities for members to meet and mingle with policymakers and engage business leaders in meaningful dialogue surrounding the issues most important to your business.

Shared Business Directory

The CUBS offers shared CUBS contact information to the club members and empowers members to network and market their ways to the tops of their industries.

Business Dinners with political officials

Our members have the opportunity to meet and have dinner with distinguished government officials and policy makers at the local level. These events allow members to learn about China and the US business policies.

China-US Business Summit

The CUBS members will be invited to attend the annual China-US Business Summit, which brings together hundreds of participants, partners and politics to integrate resources between China and the US as well as enhance mutual understanding and success.

Cocktail Party

The grand cocktail party during the Summit provides our members from China and the US an opportunity to exchange views and deepen understanding. Famous entertainers are invited to give live performances.

Las Vegas Session

Local governmental officials and our Las Vegas members attend the Las Vegas Meeting Session held at the Palazzo Hotel. Hundreds of entrepreneurs from China will discuss cooperation possibilities with their American counterparts face-to-face.

New York Session

Local high-profile governmental officials and entrepreneurs will attend the session,exchanging ideas with Chinese entrepreneurs who are seeking potential cooperation opportunities.

Access to business development and networking events

The CUBS hosts many business development and networking events throughout the year,providing many opportunities to make connections.

Access to CUBS referrals and referral network

The CUBS receives hundreds of product and service inquiries and makes more than 5,000 referrals to our members each year.

Access to Public Policy and Industry Councils

CUBS members assist in developing targeted programs that stimulate business growth within key industry sectors through their involvement in CUBS Industry Councils.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

The CUBS hosts ribbon-cutting

ceremonies for its members to help support the growth of businesses in China and the US.

Attending the annual CUBS Club Convention

Local governmental officials and our Las Vegas members attend the Las Vegas Meeting Session held at the Palazzo Hotel. Hundreds of CUBS members are invited to the annual CUBS Club Convention, where access to the internal resources of Chinese and US entrepreneurs is shared,including American political and business connections.

The CUBS hosts a number of high-profile business and industry events, as well as multi-topic forums throughout the year for the members and the public.

China-US Media, TV and Film/Education Cooperation/ Real Estate Investment/ Investment and Financing Forum

The CUBS hosts multi-topic forums during the summit, which provide our members with ample opportunities to participate in a variety of discussions. Chinese and US entrepreneurs will discuss and explore potential cooperation opportunities in the forums.

Legal Consultation

The CUBS invites senior Chinese attorneys to provide free, on-site legal services on issues including investment and property purchase in China. Our members are given customized followup services offered by legal experts.

Business Reception on luxury yacht

Our members meet with Long Beach governmental officials and business leaders on a luxury yacht - networking, connecting, and building relationships while enjoying the ocean view.

VIP Golf Match

This unique public event was specially designed by the CUBS. Members enjoy a relaxing environment in a private golf club. The match enables our members to expand their contacts, develop strategic relationships, and exchange probable business leads.

Field visits to renowned companies in the catering industry

Despite differences in culture and eating habits, investment and financing opportunities in the food and beverages industry continue to grow in both countries. The CUBS arranges special events in the catering industry and organizes onsite business investigation to renowned Chinese and US franchised catering companies.

The CUBS provides members with a variety of services, from referrals to networking functions and business matchmaking. CUBS’s many service programs provide opportunities to help members build business relationships all over the world.

Counseling sessions

Our members will be provided with four one-on-one counseling sessions with consultants specializing in Chinese and US finance, taxation and law, which will support the exploration of new market opportunities in foreign countries.

Private assistant service

CUBS members will enjoy private airport pick-up services. Additionally, members (only as individuals) will be provided with one-time assistance in obtaining a visa from the Chinese government.

Customized benefits package

Our Diamond Club members will enjoy a customized benefits package, which offers tailored services to meet members’ demands efficiently and appropriately.

Global workforce development

The CUBS recognizes the urgent need for a global workforce and has accordingly adapted its plan to include a focus on delivering highly developed expertise in the cross-cultural aspects of international business as a fully integrated and natural part of global business solutions.

Reducing costs is a concern for every business. The CUBS’s cost-saving programs offer discounted services and marketing to meet the needs of every business.

Member Advantage

The CUBS’s discount program allows members access to the Club discount and rebate programs.Members enjoy premium pricing of various kinds of activities organized by the club.

Member-to-Member Discount

The CUBS’s member-to-member discount program allows members to enjoy discounts on products and services offered by fellow members. Participation also provides a valuable promotional channel to increase exposure of products and services.

Complimentary First-Time Business Matching

The CUBS offers Diamond Club Members a free business-matching service. Members will have three opportunities to match with other businesses.

Hotel/flight/vehicle rental/business trip/personal assistant discounts

Members enjoy discounted rates on hotel and flight bookings, vehicle rentals and a variety of business trip expenses. Members also enjoy discounts on personal assistant and translation services.

Free marketing and promotion opportunities offered for our Club member. The marketing and promotion program is a great channel to promote your corporation.

Promotion Benefits(website)

The CUBS allows members to free Hotlink to your business’s website from the Club’s website; Free 60- word description on Club website; New member listing in the Club’s newsletter; Free corporation description and cooperation demand on CUBS website; Company listing in CUBS business directory, both online and printed; Proud member logo available for use on Web site.

Cost-effective advertising (publication)

The CUBS members have the opportunities to cost-effective advertise in CUBS publications.

CUBS’s publications and exclusive marketing opportunities help our members stay informed and reach new customers.

CUBS monthly e-Newsletter/economy and trade information

CUBS Club members receive CUBS monthly e-Newsletters and the latest information on industry dynamics and cooperation opportunities for both Chinese and American enterprises.

CUBS Club Magazine

All CUBS members are included in the CUBS Club’s annual magazine and Member Directory.

CUBS pre-Business Summit program book,post-Business Summit program book, and travel publications

All CUBS members receive pre-Summit and post-Summit program books, which include the business directory, summary of summit forum and events, and summit achievements. Members also receive travel publications, which contain information helpful for exploring China.

Audio and Video

Members will receive complimentary audio and video resources distributed at the China-US Business Summit.


Whether a large corporation or a small business, there is a CUBS membership suited to your organization. Join more than 1,000 members who benefit from the CUBS’s business development, advocacy and cost-savings program.


Employees   Annual Dues

1-10                $500

11-30              $750

30-60            $1,000

60+                $1,500

DIAMOND CLUB         $8,000

* Entrepreneurs who have committed to attending the "China-US Business Summit" of the year

become club members upon signing the agreement and can enjoy the listed services for a year.

*Members joining"CUBS Diamond Club" can enjoy the listed services for a year upon approval

by the Council.

* Special clause: The Summit Committee suggests the club give away one-year member services

for first-time China-US Business Summit attendees. The services would be valid from the

beginning of the Summit to the end of the year.