A Word from the Chairman
Good afternoon, old and new friends of the China US Business Summit!
The China US Business Summit has gone through fourteen seasons since its establishment in 2009. Along the way, the staff of our organizing committee and the members of the summit have experienced storms and seen rainbows together. The epidemic we have just experienced is a rare infectious disease in human history. About three years have made it impossible for us to hold our summit offline, but our online activities have never stopped. This is the concept we have established since the establishment of the summit - "the summit never ends, and services are conducted every day.". Just yesterday afternoon US time, the China US Business Summit held a private and high-end forum in Los Angeles, USA, featuring the Vice President of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management's lecture on US Asset Allocation and High end Private Equity Funds. There is a spontaneous small segment in this event - people present all recall when they started attending the China US Business Summit. ——Some of the attendees have attended the summit in 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015. Finally, it was calculated that the earliest person to attend the conference was Mr. Sun, who attended our third China US Business Summit in 2012 or 11 years ago. Mr. Sun and I have met at two major events in Los Angeles in the past two days, both of which are related to the summit. This also validates another concept of our summit - go together once, win together for a lifetime! Looking back on Mr. Sun, when we first met twelve years ago, his situation was that his visa to the United States was denied twice. Subsequently, we applied to him and successfully overturned the embassy's decision, obtaining a US visa. Since then, he has been walking down all the way to join hands with us at the summit - we have successfully applied for immigration for his whole family, and also applied for his daughter to pursue a degree at Columbia University. A few years ago, my daughter graduated and has been working at our summit company in the United States until today. Now their whole family has settled down and worked in the United States. In terms of career, Mr. Sun made a brilliant turn a few years ago - he started investing in real estate in the United States, and in the past four years, he has achieved a doubling of his assets in the United States. At the event the day before yesterday, when we met, he couldn't help but excitedly say to me, "I have achieved things that I never imagined before!" Every year at the summit, I am invited to analyze the current relationship between China and the United States. This year is no exception. In my opinion, the current relationship between China and the United States is becoming more and more like the most common type of marital relationship - often quarreling and fighting, but still unable to get divorced. Well, after two years of mutual confrontation and threats, it just turned around again! I think everyone has seen the latest news, right—— On October 24th, the US Soybean Council revealed that a delegation of Chinese commodity importers signed a multi billion dollar agricultural product procurement agreement, primarily focused on soybeans, at the US China Sustainable Agriculture Trade Forum held in Iowa on Monday and October 23rd. This is the largest agricultural product order since 2017. Xinhua News Agency reported from Washington yesterday, October 26, that is, US time, that Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Wang Yi said that China US relations should return to the track of healthy, stable and sustainable development as soon as possible. We all understand that two countries, like two people, have different beliefs and positions, and if they have different positions, there will inevitably be contradictions or even conflicts, which cannot be avoided. Just like a couple who believe in Christ and Buddhism. It's okay to have a conflict, but it's important for both sides to understand each other's bottom line. Couples are not afraid of frequent arguments and arguments, but the important thing is whether to escalate to the level of divorce. The ultimate decision of the relationship between China and the United States is not based on emotions, but on interests. There is a popular term now called "community of interests", but in my opinion, the United States and China are the world's largest community of interests. This is not only because the two countries have the largest economic size - accounting for one-third of the world's total economic output, but also because of the highly complementary economies of the two countries. In addition to the economy, the political positions of both countries also determine the political landscape of the world. Whether it's the Russo Ukrainian War or the Israeli Palestinian War, they are all regional wars. Once China and the United States directly participate in the war, it must be a world war. So the relationship between China and the United States is a tangible win-win situation, with two losses if divided. Because neither country wants to lose, they have to find ways to get along, in the words of national leaders, to "control differences". We live in such a realistic situation of China US relations. In other words, there are still opportunities and business can still be done. So as long as we judge the situation, each of us can find our own space for survival and development. One important thing is to keep track of the implementation of policies between China and the United States at all times. In this regard, I would like to give you a tip - pay attention to the official account of the China US Business Summit. Almost all the national policies issued by China and the United States will be timely interpreted on this official account. Finally, I would like to remind all guests attending today's summit that every year at our summit, in addition to listening to the insights of experts and adjusting the direction of their lives and careers, the summit platform is also a very effective resource linking platform. Here, you can meet experts from various industries. The people sitting in the room today cannot say which one is your benefactor, which can benefit you for life! At this moment, I am thousands of miles away from you all. But I look forward to one day in the near future, when I can give a big hug to everyone who comes to attend the summit in Beijing or Los Angeles!