Established in 2009 and approved by the InternalRevenue Service (IRS), the China-US Business Summit Committee is a non-profitorganization that seeks to integrate resources from China and the U.S. andspread the excellent enterprise cultures of the two nations to build anon-governmental platform where enterprises from the two countries cancommunicate and cooperate. Simply put, the China-US Business Summit providescomprehensive services for Chinese and American enterprises that seek overseascooperation.
By following the philosophy of “The Summit never halts, and our servicesare available every day”, the China-US Business Summit launches a variety ofrewarding business activities centering on summit forum, project release andpolitician meetings, and focusing on legal and policy consultation, projectsurvey, business matchmaking, market research, etc. Also, the Summit providesservices tailored according to the actual needs of its members on a weeklybasis, including seminars, business matchmaking, business advice, to name but a few.
Upon its establishment, the China-US Business Summit gained great supportfrom government departments of China and the U.S., including the U.S.International Trade Commission, Small Business Administration and relevantstate governments, as well as China Embassies in Los Angeles, New York and SanFrancisco. The past four years have witnessed the Summit’s rapid developmentand satisfying achievements. It presently has over 1,500 enterprise membersfrom both countries, most of which are leading, influential and promisingenterprises in their industries. There are a total of 569 entrepreneurs from 23provinces (metropolis/municipality) of China and 16 states and cities of theUnited States, who have met and exchanged thoughts and opinions with each otherat the Summit. Also, over 12 company leaders whose enterprise’s annual revenueexceeds RMB 2 billion have attended the Summit successively. To date, a totalof 67 projects are currently under matchmaking process.
The China-US Business Summit is the home for those who seek economic and culturalexchange and cooperation between China and the United States. The developmentof the Summit depends upon the participation of elites from the two countries.We welcome friends from all industries who are willing to work with us to dogreat things and seek mutual benefit in an effort to make continuouscontributions to the comprehensive and in-depth exchange and cooperation betweenChinese and American enterprises, as well as the integration and economic andcultural development of the two countries!